Saturday, September 03, 2005

It Was The Third Of September

Y'ever get the feeling that if the hurricane had hit Beverly Hills, everything would've been fixed by now?

It definitely would have if the hurricane had hit Crawford, TX.
I was going to make a joke(insert here) but it's not right with all the people suffering..Yanks up 1-0...that sux. peter*
True. As if we needed yet another reason to be convinced that the Bush administration only cares about the wealthy, white, non-gay populous.
If it hit TX, all would've been fine. Was LA, a Blue State?
Yeah, because you know Bush called up the head of FEMA and all the other agencies that are providing aid and said "hey, there are darkies down there. slow down the response".

Yes, there are problems with the system, especially in LA but I doubt most of the blame can be put on the feds, since most of aid is originally coordinated by the state.
He may not have said to slow down the response, but the look on his face tells me he didn't care about speeding it up.

These people were left on rooftops for a week with no food, or herded into the Superdome with, whoops, no plumbing. I'm just saying, in some rich community it would be a whole different story with much different reactions from Bush. Poor people who can't even get to a poll to vote mean nothing to politicians.

Did you hear how Bush compare the damage to that of a what would be done by a weapon? You know, so Americans could relate.

Also, good job by Kanye West. (Didn't Myers' reaction remind you of the SNL skit where he was the host of a telethon, and Heather Locklear played a woman who kept saying crazy things, like "the holocaust is a lie," and he was hiding and making motions to the camera like "I have nothing to do with this."

Only in this case, Kanye was right.
With all this Bush bashing (keep it coming), I think when he was hearing the chants of "4 more years" during the campaign he mistakenly thought they meant the war in Iraq. WHAT A PUTZ!
Kanye West was right on. FEMA and the administration should be kept accountable for manslaughter on a mass scale.

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