Thursday, September 08, 2005

Gotta Love 'Em...

...because they make it so easy.

On my way home from Fenway tonight, after I was out of EEI land, I was listening to WFAN. A yankee fan called in, and spoke in a lazy tone which gave the impression that he'd given up on his team long ago. But almost as if his vocal chords still hadn't grasped that concept, he came out with: "The yanks are gonna be okay."

The host asked him why he thought so, to which he replied, "Well, they got that guy from Japan pitchin' tomorrow, that what's-his-name."

"It's Wang," said the host, "and he's Korean."

Another fan called in, and in a middle-eastern accent, rare in the sports talk world, said "I'm lifelong yankee fan. I hate Red Sox and whenever they win it breaks my heart apart." He went on to give his World Series prediction: Red Sox over Cardinals.

Pics and stories from last night's game to come later today.

You picked a good one to go to, although Arroyo did need a "pep talk" early from Wallace. Once he gets intense, he can pitch well. If the intensity is not there, his breaking ball looks like a floating frisbee. Go Sox AND Pats tonight. Jeez, PIP please.
I heard this morning (Larry revealed this on EEI) that Theo asked him to sort of lay off the music stuff for the month of September. Turns out, the fans aren't the only ones concerned about his concentration.

That said, he was great last night.
oh thank god. A lot of people have said he hasn't been the same since his suspension... I think he hasn't been the same since the release of his CD.

Happy Birthday, Jere. Samcat's pretending she's old today; you oughta go over there and give her the what-for. Seeing as you're 50% older than her.

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