Friday, September 30, 2005

Getting The Drinkwater Stuff Out Of The Way

Tonight was a dynamic night in Drinkwater history. Before the game, they showed a shot of Robert Redford on the field. I kind of brushed that aside to yell out "Drinkwater," since (the real) Drinkwater was on the field with him. It took me a while, but after I noticed that Redford was sitting behind home plate, it hit me that some folks call Drinkwater "Redford," due to his similar apearance to the man who played Roy Hobbs. It didn't hit me right away because I call Drinkwater "Springer."

And Kapstein had a dude who looked like Bobby Knight next to him, a man who could have been Kapstein's brother.

So there they were, in a row on my screen: Drinkwater, aka Springer, aka Redford, followed by Redford, followed by a Kapstein look-alike aka Bobby Knight, followed by Kapstein, aka Drinkwater before I knew who Drinkwater was, followed by Jamilla, who's got the cream soda. (And if you get that last reference, I think you're really cool.)

Of all the celebs for Drinkwater to be friends with and give his co-pilot's seat to, it happens to be one of the people who he's most mistaken for. Weird. I think Redford had a Ted Williams "9" hat on. Which would make sense, since Hobbs wore 9, and was, in a way, based on The Kid.

The C. Everett Koop guy was in the house as well. He's kind of a frontrunner, it seems, only showing up toward October. I saw several Flutie look-alikes, one of which had to be him. I thought I saw Moby and Martin Scorsese, too. And, of course, TLC (Tom, Larry, and CJohn) in the front row by the dugout.

So, yeah, Andrew, I did happen to notice.

Didn't Remy and Orsillo go into some detail on Kapstein recently as a Blue jay reliever was going against us and mentioned teh fact that it was Kapstein's cousin or something or other?

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