Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Tonight's crappy baseball night shows us how important last night's Double Pap-Fest was. The lead would be 1 1/2 instead of 2 1/2 if it wasn't for Big and Little Papi. I blame tonight's loss on Edgar. Most errors of anybody in the league. I nominate him and Matsui for the Most Overrated Award. Let's get rid of him, get Nomar back next year, and use some of the extra money to pay Johnny.

Papelbon's girlfriend told Reb and I that he had "Pappy" down his arm. I didn't know if she meant a tattoo or a T-shirt or what, but tonight on NESN, they showed him out in the bullpen, and he raised his arm to reveal a tattoo. I tried to go back to the mlb.tv archives and do a close-up on it, but, like when I watch the games live (Ha! How many minutes behind is it?), it just kept giving me still frames. So it was kind of impossible to find that exact moment.

But it's just kind of cool that we were tipped off to the tattoo before everyone else found out about it tonight. Although BSM probably knew about it in '98 or so.

Jere, Edgah deserves a smaller part of the blame than Mr. Clement, as much as we love him. As I said at Reb's, the Sox better wake up and realize that they're not too far from being in that little box in the sports pages dedicated to the wild card races.
Haha- I actually noticed it being there in his second appearance, I remember- I remember thinking "this dude seems a little conservative for tattoos." Then I remembered this was 2005, not 1963, and everybody gets 'em now.

But anyway, I just saw it for a flash when he was like, adjusting his jersey. Nothin' like last night. Damn that's cool you were like, hangin with him.

Also, I'd love to talk about Edgar, but I'm flat sick of him honestly, and when dudes liek Jere and BSM feel comfortable flat out knocking you in their blogs, you're REALLY starting to suck. I mean, those errors last night weren't even "understandable"- they were just sloppy, amateurish plays every SS has to make. Ugh.
SS might start standing for so shitty. Please no.......
That first comment was mine, by the way. It takes a few minutes to load the spaces for typing in an identity, for some reason. Go Boomerdiar.
My defense of my Edgar comments can be found in BSM's comment above.

Also, P-10, I can pretty much tell when it's you at this point, when you have the no-log-in problem.
Craziest tattoo goes to Chris Spurling, hands down. Inside of his elbow, he got it to cover up his Tommy John scar. It's fucking huge and is a tattoo of the tendons and bones and muscles inside his arm at that point. Absolutely, entirely freakish.
I noticed the tat too (ha!). Clearly said 'appy' in sort of old-timey, Detroit-cap lettering, with the first letter cut-off below the sleeve. So, presumably 'Pappy'.

Also, I've been committed to defending Edgar all year, and it's a little late to stop now, so... Go Edgar!

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