Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another Mere (Picture-less) Update

Hey NY-area fans...Sox on ESPN right now. Which is doubly gold because I can work on getting my pics from yesterday up during commercials, since my laptop won't be taken up by

And I haven't forgotten about the yankee logo flushing down the toilet. Just didn't have my laptop with me this weekend. A weekend which ended today. So I'll get that going again later.

Uh-oh, Berman announcing. Once loved, later just liked, now pretty much despised by me.

Gotta stay even or gain in these next two games.

Look for my pics later on.

That... was not a good start. Let's go, Brandon.
Andrew, it's Bronson. Or is that You, Tim?
Yes, Michael, I know. It was what we like to call a humorous reference. Or at least a vague attempt at one.

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