Friday, August 05, 2005

Wick 3

I'm glad I wasn't around to see Wickman tonight. But if I had been here, I probably would have just turned the game off when I saw his face. After sweating through the last two nights (me and especially him), there was just no chance for three saves in a row. Stupid Wickman. On the highlights, I saw A-Rod doing his completely phony routine after hitting his home run. "Yeah, guys, we are the yankees! And I take this very seriously!" That guy is the most pathetic person in baseball. He will never get a ring.

I missed that game because I saw Mike Myers, the comedian, tonight. It was a taping for a TV show, hosted by David Steinberg. I'm still confused as to the title and network, but I'll let you know when I find out those things, as well as when it will air.

I love Mike Myers. Always have, since his first season of SNL. Steinberg interviewed him for about an hour. He pretty much gave the story of his career. You had to be there, but trust me, it was funny. I could've done without the nine levels of security we had to pass through to get in, and the "hip" dress code, but hey, it was free, and it was Myers.

Baseball trivia:

1. Did you know that the only player with a disco dance in his name is Hank Blalock? (LA Lock) Pete Rose, however, does have one in his nickname, "Charlie Hustle." (The Hustle)

2. Did you know that Hideki Matsui appeared in 163 games in 1993? I did. And I once asked you on this blog why that was. And no one answered. But I figured it out. It was because the yanks played a five-inning tie at Baltimore, that was replayed in its entirety. In the Bronx, as I recall.

What in the world constitutes 'hip clothing'?
Fanny packs.
Jere - not to be all nitpicky, but I'm pretty sure you meant 2003 rather than 1993.
HI Jere.
More trivia. No batter ever hit a grand slam off Jim Palmer. The pitcher does admit that late in his career he walked batters to avoid the grand slam. (I learned this from Joe C. after Jason did what he did yesterday.)
Andrew, you can be really naive sometimes--you see, in Japan, they keep track of age starting with 1 instead of zero. Factor in the gravitational pull of---okay, I messed up. That's kind of like when my neighbor wrote my sister a card when she had her baby in 1997, and dated it 1967. Damn, I almost made it thirty years without doing the "Whoops, wrong decade" thing.

Mom, thanks. But wouldn't walking someone just keep the bases loaded anyway?
Not if it's an astericked walk. There are a separate set of rules for that, and they can only be used on cloudy days.
Per, Matsui played in 57 games for Yomiuri in his rookie season of 1993.

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