Sunday, August 07, 2005

Walley World, Next Three Exits

Now at ARSFIPT, you'll get the same employee discount we give to our employees! Jesus Tapdancin' Christ, if I see one more of those commercials, Chan's TV is gonna suffer some injuries.

Well, after tonight's game, I wasn't exactly "having so much god damn fun that I was whistling Zippity Do Da out my asshole," to paraphrase Clark Griswold. We've got to stop with the errors already. That's a game we should win. At least Randy was on the mound for the yanks. Funny how their good pitchers lose and their triple-A pitchers win. Overall, even if that trend completely reverses, they'll still be where they are now. Hey, if they go 50-4 the rest of the way, they'll hit Michael Kay's predicted total of 108 wins. Good luck with that, Mike. But stranger things have happened. (Right there in the Bronx, as I recall!)

Today a man sitting at an outdoor table at a semi-shmancy restaurant yelled "Boston sucks" at me after I walked past him. Without hesitation, I turned around and yelled "choke" even louder, while giving the international symbol for "I've got a three game lead but....I....can't....breathe!" The weird thing is, he laughed, and actually explained to the others at his table, who were facing the other way, what I had done, mimicking my motion. "He did the choke thing, heh heh." This was on my block, so from that incident, I went right into my apartment and watched that guy's team lose, while he was busy paying twenty bucks for a pasta with pesto.

Or whatever.

Lucky for him it was the Yankees that choked and not him with his pasta.
the employees at Wal*Mart must be pissed. What good is working retail, if you can't get a discount? Particularly when you work for an enormous cooperation that takes great care to ensure you cannot accumulate enough hours to qualify for health insurance...

peter*, when I mentioned "wallyworld", this was not what i meant, i hope you know. this is (was TWELVE years ago) slang for "Wallingford" at Choate.
Reb, I know what wallyworld is. I've been to the Oakdale( or whatever they call it now) a million times.
oh, just making sure, peter*, but in the spirit of my typical random outbursts of irrelevant information, I graduated from my Wally World H.S. in the same class as the eventual heir to the other Wallyworld throne, Sam Walton III.
I don't know what anyone is talking about. Since I mentioned Clark Griswold, from the movie Vacation, I figured I'd include a line from the movie which included the term"Walley World," the fun park that the Griswolds are going to.

I didn't mean Wal-Mart or Wallingford.

The employee discounts commercials I was referring to are the ones by Ford and Chevy that are really stupid and on TV all the time.

The weird thing is, Rebecca claims she had mentioned "wallyworld" earlier. This must have occurred in some other place, confusing the issue even more. Unless one of her comments isn't showing up here for some reason.
yeah, that was somewhere else, jere. sorry, I didn't know what you were talking about b/c I hardly ever have the volume on w/ YES. But I had that I remembered it from Walmart. but that makes no sense from a car company; their employees must make commission on the cars. if the customer gets it at the same price... how does the salesman get paid?

I never get your cultural references when you don't include any clues, because I tend to mistake items in your post as clues...
just put the sound on the TV for five minutes, and you'll hear some car company talking about the "employee discount." Or even on NESN on, as I'm writing this, I'm hearing a Lincoln Mercury of Raynham commercial, with its family price plan or whatever.

One car company started this, and all the others copied it, and it's rampant now.

Of course, the "employee discount" is a total gimmick. Who cares that it's the same discount that the employees get? Does that make people feel special? I bet people would sign up for an "employee discount" that was LESS of a discount than something called a "summer fun discount" or something.

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