Tuesday, August 16, 2005


yanks up one going to last of ninth with Mariano.

Sox down one going to ninth.

And then Superman flew around the world a million times really fast and turned everything around!

Wow, we were this close to being in a really sweaty situation. But thanks to Big Papi, (and the mini-Pappel) and the Captain, we come back to win.

And thanks to Eduardo Perez, Mariano, and later, Captain Cheese (!) and the Assman, Scott Proctor, the yanks blow it.

What a night.

The agony of the Yankee fans tonight is like a drink of ice cold water on a hot, humid day. I drink it in, savor it, and it nourishes me.
It was such a great night, not even Mike Remlinger could ruin it when he gave up the inevitable salami.

Too bad they have to wait ten days to bring back Delcarmen.
Remlinger's ERA is approaching the speed limit of many of our roads. Maybe he should hit the road. Oh well, as that writer said, all's well that ends well.

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