Friday, August 26, 2005

Tube Sox

Today I did the "check the secret ticket stash area to make sure I actually have tickets to the game I think I do" for Saturday's game against the Tigers. And they were there. Pat & I will be in the four-three out in the bleachers. So look for pics here early next week. You can also get a full roundup of all the weekend's activities at Fenway from the girl who wears red socks on her thigh-gers, SamCat. And maybe I'll meet her, if I can spot the orange hat, which shouldn't be too hard.

Tonight the Sox are on their own, at least in this apartment, since I'll be down at CBGBs, for the Dead Boys reunion show. Only one of the Dead Boys is actually dead, but if they were all dead, it would be a boring show. Maybe not, actually. But the real reason I'm going to the show is because my friend Bruce's band, the legendary Adrenalin OD, is on the bill. As is another classic early 80s band, Flipper. Also, Peter & the Test Tube Babies, and Furious George. Should be a fun time.

It's really, really bright orange.

Also, I just got a blue streak dyed into my hair, so if ID is uncertain, that'll be in the ponytail sticking out the back.

I feel bad for you and Sam and anyone else with you for having to endure that ugly game Saturday. But I bet you had fun anyway. Boy, did they SUCK, though.
Don't feel too bad, Peter... I was, uh, wearing my Tigers hat.
I forgot--a multi-hatted no-lose situation, I have to find my other hat.
God- Flipper, Dead Boys, Adrenaline OD (who I've not heard, but have a great name)- I gotta hear how that show was...

I LOVE Flipper.

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