Tuesday, August 16, 2005

TJ, Sams

Terrible job, Curt. Hey Red Sox, let's stick with relievers in the 'pen. Then again, I will paraphrase from the Seymour Skinner quotebook yet again: "Prove me wrong, Curt. Prove me wrong."

And this blown game came after watching the Devil Rays swing at every pitch Jaret Wright threw, as if they thought keeping a guy's pitch count LOW is what you're supposed to do. They hit him hard, just at people. And A-Rod hit a lazy fly that looked like it was headed for the center fielder's glove until it hit a catwalk and was called a home run. And Mariano is starting to look shaky these days. Only the Devil Rays lose that game. And maybe the '05 Royals. And Ridgefield Little League's Village Bank squad circa '87.

According to yahoo, Tampa Bay scored in the bottom of the fourth on a homer by J. Giambi. Terrible job. It wasn't a yankee player who homered for the other team. It was Jonny "Wad" Gomes, who's been swinging a huge stick for the Rays lately. (I tend to avoid porno jokes, but the dude's name is, like, really close to a famous porn actor's name, for god's sake. And I only know that because they made a movie about the guy, starring Jim Morrison. I mean Nipply Batman. I mean Val Kilmer. But that's the only porno actor I know, besides the guy with the mustache.) (Okay, I know what you're thinking. "Ha ha, this 25-34-year-old male is 'pretending' he doesn't know anything about porn! That's comedy gold!" But I'm serious. Terrible job, porn.) (Okay, now you're thinking, "This guy doesn't drink OR watch porn? He must totally love Jesus and all his shitty teachings." Well, terrible job if you think that. I don't need the ChristMaster3000, either. In fact, maybe if Schilling would put some faith in his arm instead of in some ghost that doesn't exist, we could have beaten the Detroit Tigers tonight.)

Moving on, I was only checking yahoo because I missed two yankee runs tonight while I was out buying stuff to make burritos. When I got home, I saw they'd scored two runs, and said, Gee, I wonder which D-Ray made a key error for that to happen. So I wasn't surprised when I saw that they did indeed make a two-out error, which the yanks scored on, and then another run scored in that inning. What I'm trying to say is, it was a frustrating night. But Chan scored some sweet Mets tickets from work for Thursday, so I've got that goin' for me. It'll be nice to be able to go into the lower deck at Shea without having a cranky, 200-year old usher escort me away and then keep track of my movements so they won't miss me when I try to sneak back in. For a change.

So, to avoid what may have been some confusion, male Sam, you wanna tell your boys, the Rays, to WIN. Female Sam, you're lookin' to make your Thigh-gers LOSE. For the next two days. Are we clear?

Hey, the Tigers didn't win this game. The Red Sox lost it. With the number of cats we left on base it should have been the usual frustrating mess. The only reason the Kitties won was because the Sox handed it over.
Not to mention the 5th inning, where 2 men were thrown out at the plate. Oh, and Johnny Damon missing the cutoff man. Oh yeah, was it 14 hits by the Tigers?? Chad Bradford? NOT how to spell relief. Geez, an awful way to spend 3 hours. I'd rather watch the Andy Griffith Show. Oh, by the way, Arroyo's pitches were flatter than a pancake made without the mix. As Bob Seger said, turn the page. It's too bad the bulpen corp, with the exception of Timlin, are on that next page. Oh well.
Something is up with Damon. He's taking some really strange route to balls. He appears to be losing track of them in flight. It's been there all year, but it was really pronounced tonight.

The near HR tonight is a good example. A ball like that in Fenway or when he's on his game, he is going after it full bore until he catches it or bounces off the wall. Tonight, he starts straight back away from the plate on a ball that is going to left of center. He then just gives up on it. Of course by the time he reaches the ball, Young is already at second, and people would be stupid not to challenge his arm in the bottom of the ninth when the ball is hit that deep.

I definitely concur with the above that says "the Sox lost this game". Terrible job guys.
You have to bear in mind re: Damon that Comeria is HUGE in centerfield. I don't think Johnny was taking strange routes so much as being convinced the ball was out of the park when it was in fact dying at the 420 mark.
I just found out it was an 0-2 pitch that Schilling threw to end the game. I should have known. I still can't believe he hasn't learned to waste a pitch.
The strange routes aren't just this game or Detroit. They have even been happening in Fenway.

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