Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Steppin' Into the Buffer Zone

If you get the games on, you know about the buffer zone. In other words, you're watching the game, and everything's fine (yeah, right, the screen is 1-inch squared, and all you see is a still-frame most of the time), and then all of a sudden, the picture freezes AND the sound cuts out, and you see "Buffering....16%". So you have to wait until the game is fully buffered. Tonight, I got buffered right during the double over Johnny's head in the tenth. It was paused with the ball hovering over Johnny's head for like five seconds, which made it extra-frustrating when the ball landed behind him.

Then, on Bill Mueller's single, I couldn't really tell what was going on, but I knew something had happened, so I made a sudden move toward the computer, knocking the fork out of my bowl of Jim Calhoun. (Actually, it was Vietnamese food with a name like that. I told Chan what it was called, and he said, "What, Jim Calhoun?" So we'll just call it that.) Anyway, I figured out what happened, and then looked down at my Calhoun. The fork was still there, but the handle side was inside the bowl. So something crazy must have happened with that. I mean, who knows how many times it flipped in the air before landing back in the bowl. (We do know that it was an odd number, though.)

Good job tonight, Edgar. You always know to whip a bag of Jax cheese doodles out of your pocket for me when I'm holding you over the edge of a cliff.

I like when our division lead starts with "f." I think we're gonna start moving toward "s" as opposed to back toward "t."

As I was reading your post, I started to buffer. When I could move again, a feeling of peacefulness settled over me like a warm quilt on a winter day. What's up with that? Am I ok? Have I ever been?

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