Monday, August 08, 2005

Slap 2: A New Interference

If I ever see A-Rod on the street, I WILL go against my non-violent ways, and punch him in the mouth, and continue pummeling him indefinitely. That guy makes me so mad. I'll always love Jason Varitek for giving that guy what he deserved.

If you don't know why I'm bringing this up now, it's because tonight, A-Rod pulled off the sequel to "The Slap." Only in this instance of blatant cheating, the incorrect call was made, and was NOT overturned.

Shephanie was on first, and A-Rod flied deep to right. The ChiSock player made a jumping catch at the wall, and fired in toward first to try to double Shef off. A-Rod had rounded first, and was directly in the path of the throw from right field to first base. He was casually walking toward the dugout, but still, mind you, watching the play. Just before the ball reached the spot where he was, he raised his arms in an attempt to look like he was surprised that a ball was there. The ball bounced off of him, allowing Shef to get back to first. Actually, the "arms up" motion (the ball was down by his feet, so a jump might have been better, in terms of pretending to get out of the way) was right around when the ball glanced off of him, not before. He basically let the ball hit him, like Reggie Jackson in the World Series, and THEN raised the arms.

You should have seen the look on his face. Well, just watch SportsCenter, you'll see it. That guy is the reason that humans thought up a place called hell. I can sleep well at night knowing that he'll end up there if it exists.

In the Reggie Jackson incident, at least Tommy Lasorda went nuts arguing the non-call. But the White Sox, they just don't give a crap. All they know is how to beat up on Central teams and then lose in the first round of the playoffs.

In other White Sox not craing news, at one point, some dude hit a grounder to Jeter. Pissed that he'd done so, he decided to not run right away and show his anger. Of course, Jeter ended up bobbling the ball, but still got the guy by a step. Without the hesitation, he would have been safe. The yankee announcers never mentioed that aspect of the play, only that Jeter's "strong arm" saved him an error. I asked Chan how they can live with themselves, but Chan just doesn't understand. In fact, he said that he's scared of me when we watch baseball.

There was also a pretty bad call on a bunt, where the ump, afraid to have a knife thrown at him for making a call the yankee fans didn't like, called the White Sock, I think Podcast-nik or whatever, out, when he was really safe. They would have had two on, and clearly gone on to win, had the correct call been made.

Also, I didn't realize Contreras and Duque were pitching in this series. I probably wouldn't have predicted 2 wins for Chicago if I'd known that. But it could still happen.

And Michael Kay should say how Jeter catching a pop up with one hand (and actually dropping it when exchanging the ball to his hand) is a bad influence on Little Leaguers. TJ, K.

But you know what? I'm happy. The Red Sox had a good win. I like when we score eleven runs. Miller gave up ten hits, though. When I found out that was his season-high, I thought, "He can give up ten hits in his sleep!" But I guess he just usually gets pulled before that. Oh well, he'll come around again. We're gold for an AL East crown. Next time I eat at an Italian restaurant, I'm ordering the Petagine Graffanino.

That's why I don't watch the Yankee games. I'd be out in the streets looking to shiv somebody when it ended.

Oh, and let me know how that Petagine Graffanino is...
Pet a genie at first base last night looked lost. Did he win gold gloves in Japan for boxing? And Millar coming in as a defensive replacement? It happened last night. Scoring 11 runs helps a ton, so I can't complain any further. But I was shocked watching him play 1B.
"In fact, he said that he's scared of me when we watch baseball." It might be a bit sad, but I've had more roommates say that to me over the years ...
It must kill Torre that he has to constantly defend that cheating jackass. A-Rod is definitely in the top five people/places/things of all time that have hurt major league baseball.

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