Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Redshirt/Fresh Man Update

I just heard on NESN that Kenny Rogers will be reinstated after serving 13 days of his 20 suspension. An arbitrator ruled that the punishment was too harsh.

Maybe if someone in that arbitrator's office went up to him or her and grabbed their arbitrating tool, threw it on the ground and kicked it, he or she would realize how necessary this punishment was.

Wells and Arroyo got 6 games each for their non-assaulting-a-cameraman infractions. They had to miss a start, Rogers has to miss two. So ridiculous.

This ruling comes at a time when Texas is playing the Red Sox. Surprise, surprise. So Rogers will start tomorrow at Fenway. Now, instead of facing CJ Wilson, with a 10.23 ERA, we get the guy with the second-best ERA in the league. I wonder how much money took the train from Steinbrenner's office to this arbitrator's, with a stop at Bob Watson's place?

Cruz, Jr. just got traded to the Trolley Dodgers for a PTBNL.

Red Sox look for another red shirt win tonight. Not the team, the fans. Or fan. Meaning Drinkwater. Meaning Kapstein. Last night J-Kap had a red button-down shirt on. And even though he put the classic blue windbreaker over it later in the game, he took it off again toward the end, and is currently wearing the red shirt--no windbreaker--right now, in the second inning. I think the red shirt is good luck.

i noticed the red on fake-drinkwater. it must be good luck for all AL red sox.

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