Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Really Stupid Gimmick

The Rowand-Nixon side-by-side just came up. Only took Yes an hour and a half. They terriblejobfully chose a pic of a clean shaven Nixon, ruining the whole thing. Leave it to the Hell, No network. Or maybe that was their compromise so Murcer wouldn't feel bad.

There have been more blimp shots in this series than there are in a Fox post-season series. They also have a camera on top of a hotel in Manhattan for still more "anything but the game" shots. It is cool to look for my building, though.

The Stadium has a new feature. You know that trailer-park sign they have up on the outside there, that tells the name of the next opponent? Well, they've added a little countdown to it. It now says "RSG," with a number below it. Kaat explained that it stands for "Remaining Stadium Games." So, I guess they have assumed that the yanks won't make the post-season for the next four years. (And I can make fun of that because they made fun of our "Last Game of the Century" thing on the tickets for the last regular season game of 1999. And because I would anyway.) Kay tried to turn it into "Regular Season Games." But then wouldn't it be RSGR, or RSGL? Either way, terrible job.

I like to think that Game 7 last year will turn out to be the last ever post-season game ever at that dump.


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