Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Quick yankee Announcer Notes

Sterling's quote of the weekend (well, besides calling Saturday the greatest yankee comeback of "this or any other year"), was, essentially this:

"Matsui swings, fly ball to center, deep, a-way back, and it's caught on the warning Matsui continues to excel."


And also, let's talk about yankee-sometimes-TV-color-man Dave Justice. This guy's not nearly as good at announcing as he was at being worshipped by my friend Trevor, who was the world's only Atlanta Braves fan before 1991. Trevor once said, though, that he'd be a fan of whatever team Justice was on. I lost touch with him in '95, but I like to imagine that when Justice went to the yanks, he drew the line at that point.

But back to Justice. I usually make fun of yankee announcers for their homer-ism, and for making every single play made by a yankee seem positive. But Justice, he just doesn't know when to shut up. He talks to you like you're in kindergarten. And he just won't lighten up, know matter how hard Kay tries to set him up. Monday night, when Hargrove was doing his finger-pointing at his pitcher on the mound, Kay said, "Anytime someone, your manager, teacher, whoever, pounds your chest with his finger, it isn't good." It was Kay's attempt at humor. Justice just didn't pick up on that. Or anything else, really, as his response to this was "Hargrove's upset." Like he thought we were all wondering how Hargrove felt at that moment. He's just really bad. He definitely attended the McCarver school of broadcasting. He's got that whole "explain everything every time, because there are people in the audience who don't know anything about baseball" thing going.

But these are just two little drops of water in the ocean of yankee announcing bullcrap. More on that as time goes by.

McCarver School of Broadcasting? Tim is auditioning, weekly, for the YES Network.
Why Yankee Broadcasts are like a Public TV Children's Show? Because this letter of the Alphabet, is brought to you by "Hooked on Phonics."
"The 15th Out of The Game is brought to you by Geico. One 15 minute call can save you 15% on Car Insurance."
Estimate that a number of teams have DONATED Yankee Victories. @ least 17 Victories, donated through errors, have occured this year, as the Yankees, are terribly mediocre. The GiamBALCO, must be doing his "Vitamin Shots", again.
Last year was his Year of Withdrawl from the shit. Why is GiamBALCO, looking so big, again?
Moreover, I want to know why everyone is marveling and praising Giambi's "amazing comeback." The guy is a known cheater. Why is he still allowed to play in a pennant race? Why wasn't he punished? And why are people praising him for "battling back?" The guy used steroids; he is a sham. I don't understand why people are praising him, even if his comeback IS legit.

Ranty, I'm sorry. But the attitude towards Giambi angers me a lot. Junior Griffey deserves accolades for having a great year after seasons of injury. Giambi should not be praised in the same type of manner for performing after taking steroids.
Completely baffling, the Giambi thing. And Sheffield, people act like he never did steroids at all. It's ridiculous.

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