Sunday, August 21, 2005

Papelboy Delivers/The Bell Tolls

So the rumors were true. Mark Bellhorn (shown here in happier times in Cooperstown, NY) is essentially outta here. None of us will ever forget his post-season heroics. Thank you, Mark.

But, time marches on (on).

I guess it was just a misprint about Friday's game having been postponed. Terrible job by for messing that up. Good thing the game was played, since we got a ten-inning win.

I'm glad I missed all of Saturday's action. And that's all I'll say about that.

Today was a happier scene, with Edgar hitting a big three-run homer, then Ortiz bunting against the shift, setting up a Manny dong for a five-run eighth. Manny also made a great catch, but nothing we haven't seen from him before. (No, casual baseball fans, that's not sarcasm. Manny's a really good defensive ballplayer.)

Papelboy, aka Little Papi, pitched shutout ball for five and change.

That bottom of the ninth was quite interesting. Schilling comes in, refuses to waste 0-2 pitches as usual, and quickly a run is in and two men are in scoring position with one out. On a pop up to shallow right, Tony BrianEno goes back, the ball deflects off his glove and rolls down his wrist before Tony swings his glove around and nabs the ball out of the air. And this is after he and Edgar collided on a pop up for the first out of the inning. Schill got the third out, and we're four games up on New York again.

Those pigs lost thanks to the Unit giving up four homers in an inning, including three in a row. (Very large smile on face while typing that.) Good thing for them they've got Aaron Small and Shawn Chacon to bail them out. If I were those dudes, I'd be goin' up to Randy and saying, "Hey, tough loss again! You just can't seem to catch a break! Things'll turn around for you, old man."

They go home for the Jays, Blew, while we head to Kansas City, where Curt starts Thursday.

my man's response to manny's catch yesterday: "that's why they pay him the big bucks." No, that's not why, exactly... but he protests, saying every time he turns around, Manny's making a great play. Well I'm confused about whether this makes him a non-casual fan, or a clueless fan. If you're confused, too, here he is in the ninth, after schill gives up a run, "good thing they scored those 5 points earlier..."
Mark Bellhorn was the face and spirit of the world championship Red Sox. I'll miss him more than Pedro, Nomar,and Roger put together.
ps. Dear LETSGOSOX readers,
In case my son is too modest to tell all of you, an excerpt from his blog will be in the Metropolitan Diary column in The New York Times next Monday.
Reb--this just proves my point. Your proverbial man just started watching the team, sees Manny making great catches, and therefore knows he's a good defensive player. Most people have this idea of Manny as a guy who runs around, dropping balls and missing five innings at a time while standing inside the wall, getting hair extensions and peeing.

Also note that if he was white with a Johnny Unitas haircut and a bland personality, he could make twice as many errors as he does now and he'd be thought of as an "average defensive player" instead of as a goofy, error-makin' guy.

Mom-thanks for the plug. I probably wasn't gonna tell 'em.
don't worry, mary-ann, I'll announce again next sunday night. oh and I finally read your book last week, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but as expected, did not get all the literary references that my man's mom got... I guess you both read the same silly mystery novels back in the day or something. or maybe I'm just clueless... jere will tell you I never get his references either. Anyway, the book was quite good and I really did not begin to suspect it until the end.

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