Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Murcer On The Moron Express

Bobby Murcer proves that he's the dumbest announcer in the league nearly every game. Last night, when the guy jumped onto the screen, he said, "In all my years, I've never seen that." The other announcers just didn't say anything, to save him the embarrassment. Surely at least Kay must have remembered at least one of the TWO times this has happened at the Stadium in the last twenty years.

Today, Kay started talking about how Aaron Rowand looks like Trot Nixon, with his dirty hat and similar facial features. I have had this opinion for a while. It's just an opinion that Kay and I share (bells and sirens go off), and there's no right or wrong here, but still, come on, Rowand is at least vaguely reminiscent of Trot. So after Kay said that, Murcer said, "I don't know if Rowand would go along with that...Nixon?" I got the strong feeling Murcer was thinking of Otis Nixon. Or maybe Richard. I'd say "Look for a side-by-side comparison of the two players later in the game," but again, they try to avoid embarrassing the Oklahoman.

yanks lead 1-0 right now. Thanks to an error, of course.

Tied up now at 1-1 in the top of the fourth. Two on, no outs -- Small just walked Blum on four pitches.
Uribe's in on the take. The horrible-looking error, then an even more phony looking strikeout with second and third, one out.

And Crazy Carl knows to not try for three, due to his injury, but then tries to go second to third on a grounder to short! Jesus! I mean, Dinosaur! Or something.
But still, "Prove me wrong, Uribe. Prove me wrong."
And since my Uribe accusation: Another really bad-looking strikeout, and, bottom 8, two outs, Shefanie up, grounder to Uribe, and you could see him purposely make a high throw on a routine grounder. First baseman had to jump to get it, came down possibly ("clearly," according to yankee announcers) after Shef got there. Ump, seeing that Uribe was tankin' it, called Shef out for the sake of the game's good name.
2-1 Sox in the top of the 10th. Podsednik got thrown out trying to steal second. Terrible job, Podsednik.

Lets see whether they can hold it.
And they do. Yanks lose 2-1 in ten innings. Jeter struck out swinging, but it fell to Cano to end it by flying out.
Gold! See next post.

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