Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More Of The Same From Them And Me

We almost got through the whole game without having to sweat. But despite Timlin's shaky ninth, I'm just glad it was a win, especially after the yankee game I watched tonight. It was a classic bullshit win for the yanks, ending on the Jays closer NOT wasting a pitch on 0-2. It's games like those that make me wonder why anyone in their right mind would want to support a team like the yanks. For anybody who says I should just worry about my own team, just try watching one yankee broadcast, and you'll know what I'm talking about. My hatred of that team would be just as strong even if I wasn't a Red Sox fan.

And the "not hating Hideki Matsui" charade ends right here for me. I hate that shithead just as much as any other yankee bastard. I can look at it two ways: 1. He's innocent and doesn't know what he's standing for by wearing the pinstripes. In that case, I hate him for being so ignorant. Do your research. Or 2. He knows exactly what he's doing. In that case, I hate him for purposely picking the yanks over the other teams.

The good things from tonight were Mariano giving up the go-ahead run, all by himself, in the ninth. Well, the rally was aided by a Jeter error. (You won't see that error in the boxscore, because they scored it a hit. Even Michael Kay wondered out loud how it could possibly be a hit.) So, that Jeter play would be another good thing, too, as well as Sturtzey shitting his nightly bed. Me and Chan have named a bum from our neighborhood "Tanyon." (He's known to wear a yellow yankees jersey now and again.)

And if they weren't playing a team whose players' and coaches' brains consisted of horse diarrhea, they would have lost.

I just don't know how Michael Kay can so proudly say, "And the yankee fans are creating a wall of noise," when we can see on our TV screens the scoreboard saying "Make Noise," and have a clear conscience. I honestly don't know how that guy sleeps at night. Oh, and at that point, in the ninth, in the summer, before 10 PM, the "crowd" had thinned by about one-quarter, after the yanks went down by ONE in the top half. Sorry, this was just a particularly nauseating yankee game tonight. I'd like to just stress right now just how overjoyed I am about the fate they suffered last season. You know, at the hands of the World Champions. And while I'm at it, I forgot to mention, when I was at Shea the other night, I actually saw a guy with a "1918" hat. Stupid idiot. The fact that he's still wearing it tells you something about the sheer stupidity of yankee terrorist network nation.

You know, the other day, I said to Chan, "Chan, you're right. Not driving a car has made me less stressed out overall." Without even acknowledging that, he said, "You know what else you can do? Stop watching baseball." He's probably right. But, as much as I complain about the yanks, I'm happy with my World Champs and the fact that we're in first place and the yanks are going nowhere. But I can't help calling them out on their crimes against humanity.

Also, after having their butts kissed for the entire month of July as if they were aliens who took over the planet, Cano, now going for (Shittiest) Rookie of the Year, is 6 for his last 35, while Giambi, candidate for the (Most Overrated) Comeback Player of the Year, is 4 for his last 35. Sorry to use that joke twice in one sentence. It's just that good.

Judging by the reaction of nyy fans at the sports bar in Danbury CT last night, you would have though the yankees had just won the World Series, as opposed to having the game handed to them by the shitty j's.
I have noticed, however, that yanks fans are using the term "Wild Card" a lot more than in years past, and spend quite a bit more time worrying about whether the Indians and A's are winning or losing. Pretty sweet development. Terrible job by the BJs on those uniforms, though, and their home grey ones are even worse...
Pat, I could not agree more about those uniforms. Any uni with a black shirt is not only tacky, but also seems to me rather impractical. I would hate to be wearing a baseball uniform at all on a hot summer afternoon in the middle of a field with no shade... now make it black. yeah. you could fry bacon on those shirts.

Jere, if you stopped watching baseball, what would you do with your time? You might just go find a job out of sheer boredom. wouldn't want that.
She's just kidding, folks. I have a high-paying, prestigious, upper management job.

Also, I want to see if this picture thing works.
I guess it didn't. But click my name to see the cool picture, which you've probably seen already if you read this far.
Oh, wait, it is working now. And with this one, it'll now be like a vertical slot machine with three mullets. Jackpot!
Now the first one disappeared, so this one is necessary to make the three in a row.

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