Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Legend Of Lampy

I'm watching the yankee game right now. Last inning, I noticed what I thought was a dog with a lampshade thing on his head, in the crowd, behind home plate. Look below, and you can see the little doggie, right behind Posada's head:

I sat there, waiting for the dog to turn to the side, so I could see the full shade. But then, within the circle, I saw someone's shoe move across what I then realized was actually just a circle on or right behind the screen. Possibly even one of those directional microphones. But ever since then, I've just been thinking of it a a dog. Because whatever is inside that circle sure looks like a dog face to me.

Here's one last tribute to the dog that wasn't:

Also, as I write this sentence, Giambi is making the last.....

....wait for it.....

out. 2 1/2 up on Bellhorn, Embree, and company.

German Shepard. Clear as day.
That is SO funny.
But tehre cna olny be oen dgo!
Sadly, in the ninth inning, someone moved whatever it was behind that circle, seriously contorting Lampy's poor little face. But maybe he'll reapper tonight. Fingers crossed. I think it's an ESPN game, so if you don't live in the NY-metro, you can get a glimpse of the Lampster.

Phil--Tahnks fro raeding!

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