Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Good Old Cheese!

Cheese gives up key homer to give ChiSox 2-0 lead, only to have A-Rod homer in the bottom of the ninth. Would have been game-tying homer. Instead, 2-1, yankees lose. Leave runners at first and third. Gold. Was also funny to see the Embree-Everett matchup.

Also, a dude jumped from the upper deck onto the screen at yankee Stadium tonight. I was at a game where this happened when I was a kid. Only we'd gone home, as was my dad's tradition, to beat traffic, so we didn't see it. In both cases, probably a drunk dude. Although this kid tonight looked dazed and confused up there. He walked up to the mezzanine, where cops grabbed his upper-deck-fallin-from-ass.

Now I gotta sweat through another tight one, as we're tied 7-7 in the eighth, thanks to Remlinger and the umps.

Tom on NY1 said the kid did it on a dare by his friends.
Hey, me and Chan were just talking about NY1. We were saying how we always forget about it because we're so used to starting at channel 2. Anyway, that sounds right. Just yankee fan kids from Westchester doin' their usual.
It shows up for me on channel 10 instead of 1, but that might be because I don't pay for it. (Just plug the cable into the wall and get free broadcast channels + NY1 + food network + tbs + assorted crap.)
We were doing the free method when we first got here. But our cable is part of our phone/internet package, so it's legit now. And it's the only one of the three that doesn't give us constant problems.

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