Friday, August 05, 2005

Fun With Bombers

From PatG: Sheffanie rips rest of yanks.

This is laugh-out-loud funny. Classic Sheff. Just what the yanks don't need right now. And just what I DO need.

Marcia Cubed: Maureen McCormick turns 49 today. Please take the time to send her a card. I had no idea Marcia had the same birthday as my two cats, Spike and Tabitha, who both would have been 21 (147) today.

Team spirit cheerleader he's not. Dislikable he is. But he can hit the ball. Don't forget, we ain't afraid of pinstripes, or the people who wear them, Jere.
Who said anything about being afraid? Ever?
This is, quite simply, pure gold. You KNOW it must suck in that clubhouse.

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