Friday, August 05, 2005

Flim Springfield

Chan & I were walking through Central Park today. As we headed down a hill toward Conservatory Water, I spotted a man wearing a red suit jacket with pink pants. Even though it was New York City, I found this choice of dress to be odd, because it was 95 degrees out. I said to Chan, "What's with suit guy?" Chan just brushed me off.

As we got closer to the water, we noticed more people dressed way too warm for summer. But there was something else odd about them. It was as if they were from a different era.

We were nearly surrounded by polyester leisure suits and bell-bottoms. And when I saw a police car from the 70s parked by the water, I said, "I think we just walked into the wrong year."

A man wearing a headset quickly came toward us and explained that we needed to take a detour, since they were filming a movie. Which, yes, we were clever enough to figure out a few minutes--all right, seconds--before he told us.

So we walked to a different area, and observed some of the filming. We could see these 70s people strategically placed all around the water. Including the original red and pink man. I knew that seemed weird!

Turns out the movie in the making is The Hoax, starring Richard Gere and the dude who played Doc Ock in the recent Spider-Man movies. It's about a hoax. Click the link to see which hoax.

Chan and I tried to think of funny things to yell out during the filming to mess with them. Like, just yelling out "Internet!" since the scene was set in 1971. My initial idea was to run into the scene, telling people I was "from the future." Chan suggeted getting into a SCUBA suit, hiding under the water, and then when the scene started, emerging as some type of futuristic aqua-man. But Chan also had the best suggestion of all. Since I was wearing a Red Sox T-shirt (I actually pulled out the old Nomar today), he thought it would be funny if I came running into the scene shouting with glee, "I come from 2004! Good news! The Red Sox won the World Series!"

I know what you're thinking: "Jere, these are all brilliant ideas, and I'm sure the director would actually keep rolling, and then change the story, despite that it's a true story, to fit your 'new' scene in. But, come on, do you really think it would save a Richard Gere movie? Don't waste your time."

I've been waiting for Robinson Cano's slump for quite some time now. And it's here. Kay and friends have been hyoing this guy like he's...who's that guy, the one who created the earth and sky? Well, that's not important, but they were just really overdoing it. In his last six games, he's gone 3 for 27. Tonight he's 0 for 2 so far up in Andrewland. The guy's swinging at pickoff throws to first. Ken Singleton said, "It's not very often he goes two pitches without swinging." The best part is that they seemed to have committed to him, thinking he was settled in as their second baseman for the next decade. And who knows, he just may be. But right now, it's getting toward the home stretch of this season, and he's probably starting to make Big Stein nervous.

Kay said that Sheffield said today that he didn't say what the Daily News article said he did. Which is possible, considering the credibilty of that tabloid. But the New York magazine article comes out next week, and we'll see what's up.

Help a brother out: what's "hyoing" mean?
And if it's just a typo for "hyping", then I'll be very disappointed.
I like to throw in typos when talking about the yanks so their fans can follow along.
//he thought it would be funny if I came running into the scene shouting with glee, "I come from 2004! Good news! The Red Sox won the World Series!"//

This is, in fact, pure genius.

It would be even better if most people on the set were Yankee fans.
Thanks. Would be funny if they were yankee fans. But these acting-types probably don't know much about baseball, if they follow it at all...hey, that makes them perfect candidates to be yankee fans!

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