Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Five Games Up

yanks lose.

In my comments, I'd accused Uribe of trying to throw the game. In the top of the tenth, he tripled off Mariano, and scored the game- and series-winning run. Good job, Uribe. I was with ya all along. (But that slide into home was a little weak.)

I love when the yanks lose this type of game. They pitched well enough to win, and surely the whole crowd thought they had the game locked up when they went to the bottom of the ninth, tied, with A-Rod, Matsui, and Giambi coming up. Instead, they lose, and are 5 back. Gold.

Aaron Rowand did such a great job in center field in this series. I give him credit for being a fearless, actually-try-to-win-style yankee opponent.

One last Murcer Oklahoman moment for today: Top of the tenth, White Sox attempt a squeeze play. Guy fouls the ball at the plate on the bunt attempt. Sox manager Guillen gets mad, takes gum out of mouth and throws it on ground. Murcer is befuddled as to why he would be mad. Wonders if it's because someone missed a sign. Uh, Bobby, maybe he was mad because a possible game-winning play didn't work? And that once you show the squeeze, you don't get another chance? Maybe?

Also, Pavano's out for the year. Proctor goes tomorrow for the yanks.

The Vegas of the Midwest (Branson) goes for us against the Gambler/Camera Kicker tonight.

And Jere, according to Reb, in your area the Sox game will be on ESPN. Enjoy it guy.
Thanks, I will. Also next Weds afternoon, ESPN. And next Saturday on Fox. And this Saturday I'll be at Fenway. So there's some relief coming up.
Who's Branson?
The latest in Bronson's line of incorrect name-calling, this time by the Twins' TV announcers. I thought I'd parlay that into a nice Simpsons joke.

Hey, while we're grilling each other under the hot lights, who's "anonymous"?
oh peter*, who do you think told me LAST WEEK that they would be on ESPN tonight. (And this time I actually wrote it down.)

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