Monday, August 29, 2005

Fenway Park, August 27th, 2005

You're looking at my entire photo gallery from my trip to Fenway on Saturday. That's the spot in the car where I left the camera. After I parked at around 4:30, I sat and listened to the end of the yankee game. When it ended, I got out of the car, steaming, and ran over to the park, only to discover that my camera was not in my pocket. I guess I could've run back to the car at that point, but then I would've missed batting practice anyway, and the only shots I would have would be from during the game, from far, far away. So, for pictures from the day, and the entire weekend, possibly including one of me and Sam, head over to Blue Cats And What Not.

Highlights from Saturday: "Detroit Rock City" by Kiss played in the "Visiting Team Tribute" spot. Also, the Sox jumping out to a 6-0 lead. End highlights section.

But I did get to see two people I know. Pat & I were walking up the grandstand, between 16 and 17, when I noticed a familiar face. It was my sister's friend Andy, who used to hang out at my house back when I was in high school. I had no idea he'd be there, and the odds of us running into each other were pretty remote. Was good to see him and his sis.

In the ninth, I was standing at the back of the grandstand on the third base side. The crowd had thinned considerably, allowing me to spot an orange hat down by the dugout. I walked down, saw some blue in the pony tail that stuck out from the hat, and knew I was looking at Sam from Blue Cats. So I sat in one of the many empty seats around her and chatted with her for a few outs. She didn't get to meet Pat because he had bailed just before this, becoming one of the lucky ones who didn't have to witness the bonus Tiger rally, and Remlinger's farewell appearance. Sam is the, let's see, seventh Red Sox blogger I've met in person. Wow, I can't believe I just wrote that sentence. Anyway, she was really cool, finding time to talk to me between keeping score and snapping pictures.

It's always fun going to Fenway, but being there on the worst baseball day of the season was rough. Funny how I'd just talked about "the biggest Royals-related travesty" since '81, and then the Royals go and top it within days. Let me give you the reaction to Saturdays yankee "comeback" from the point of view of a mythical yankee fan:

"'Sup sluts. yankee boy here. Whats up with our pinsrtipers? Why cant they pul off one goddammed legitamite win? Like, in my lfie? Seriously, I don't even know what it is I'm supposed to be enjyoing about this team. All they do is cheat to win, or just slip by, thanks to embarasingly crappie play by some gutless minerleague squad. John Stirling called the game the graytest comeback of this or any other yaer. Right after admiting sevral times that if the Royals picher had made a decent fifty foot throw, the game wood have been over, 7-3 Royals. They didn't "come back" as much as Royals "went away." All my felloe yankee fans are bosting about this team, when I feel I need to wear a bag over my head in shame. Also, am I the only one who hasn't erased last season form my memory? That was real, right? Anyway, terible job, yanks. Learn from the world champagne Red Sox how to win forreal. Even thogh there fags. Well, I've gotta go to my penile enlargment operation now, so stay strong. 1918 forever!"

After Saturday, I was more pissed off about the yanks than I was about the Sox, since I knew the Sox would bounce back, but the Royals had missed their one chance to get a win. Two outs away, up by four. Je-sus.

Now we've got the red hot Rays, while the yanks go to Seattle. I think we can start building the lead up again.

About the AOD/Dead Boys/Flipper show on Friday: This dude did a nice job describing it, and has a few pics. It was a very cool show, with a bunch of bands from back in the day coming together to try to save CBGB's, as is the norm all this month. It's always cool to see my friend Bruce's band, AOD, since they technically broke up almost 20 years ago. My old band, The Pac-Men, got to open for them at another one of their reunions in Jersey, back in '01, during the World Series, in fact. They were the fastest and the funniest, back in the early 80s, and still are. Flipper hadn't played in quite a while. The main singer dude walked with a cane, and weird things attached to his back, like he had a heart problem or something. But they were really psyched to be there, and it was cool to hear some of their classic tunes. You may know Flipper from various pictures of Kurt Cobain, where he's wearing one of their T-shirts. I actually left the show after two Dead Boys songs. They were cool, but it was late, and if you stay inside CBGB's for more than four hours, well, let's just say I didn't want to find out what happens. Peter & The Test Tube Babies also played. It's always weird to see British guys with beerguts and wifebeaters. And Furious George opened, and were pretty good, too. They played a song that went "I wear a white hat/I wear a red shirt/They all think I'm stupid/One day I'll kill them/I am Gilligan".

Also, NY Times, page B2, today, Metro Diary. A very short story, that I told in a different form on this blog once, is in.

here's a link to jere's publication. you might have to fill out lots of bs to see it, if you haven't done that already for NYTimes.
oh yeah. It's the last one, so scroll down.
Yeah, mine's the headliner, playing last.

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