Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Five double freakin' plays. Despite being down five runs early, it really looked like we were going to come back. But the double plays, and the lack of any sign of life in Millar's body, really killed us. And Graffanuno Bettencourt had a bad day, with two DPs and a play where he didn't cover first on a squeeze. But Manny should have been pinch hitting for him in the eighth, anyway.

Wells didn't really give up too many hard hit balls in that first. I can't blame him. But I do blame Gary Thorne for talking about how "you KNEW the Tigers weren't going to score any more after the first." As he finished this thought, Wells gave up a homer, and two hits after that. So he was done. But Remlinger actually didn't do half bad today.

I also blame myself for the loss. I stayed positive, despite the frustration factor being at 80 out of 80 for most of the game. I was sure we'd eventually win. And it looked good with Ortiz up in the ninth. But, for some reason, I thought about the shift, and wondered if a double play was possible, even if the second baseman was way out in the outfield, and the third baseman had to turn it. And I got that image in my head, and it stuck there until, amazingly, it actually happened. So blame me. I'm serious. The next few days I'll be up late, watching the Sox on behalf of all the early-to-bedders, having only positive thoughts. I'm thinking today's weird premonition of negativity was planted in my brain by Steinbrenner. Either way, I apologize to everyone.


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