Friday, August 26, 2005


Terrible job. This is the worst Royals-related travesty since George Brett's picture was printed backwards on the cover of the 1981 Topps Baseball Sticker Album.

Ortiz gets a day off for a "hand bruise"? I say just put him in there. Does he really need a day off from ten total minutes of action? Besides, when they showed him at the beginning of the game, he was sitting at the edge of the dugout, leaning on the injured hand. My theory is: a slightly injured Ortiz is better than a totally healthy anyone else. I know, "but internet guy, we need to keep him healthy for October." Well, you caught me at a bad time, here. You can't expect me to be rational.

That's not what I'm most frustrated about from this series, but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you about all that other stuff. I guess you always have to keep in mind that winning in the town of Kansas City, Missouri is just never easy, even when it seems like the Royals have no chance going in.

I'd also like to once again complain about how all of Major League Baseball is essentially the same. Today's example: their broadcasts. I see a lot of games on the yankees, Red Sox, and Mets networks, as well as other teams' networks, when forces it on me. First of all, does every team's trivia question have to be sponsored by Aflac? And all the other sponsors are the same, too. There's no individuality to a team's broadcast. They all have the same Geico and Nissan ads, and then when they go to local ads, it's just local car dealerships that sell those same Nissans that you can insure with that same Geico. I wouldn't be surprised if they start replacing the announcers with robot voices that all sound like Buck and McCarver. And some of the teams that play on Fox stations use that same national Fox theme. Terrible job.

But I'm not gonna let all this ruin my National Banana Split Day...oh crap, I missed it.

The lineup was strange. The signs of evil were rampant even before the game started. 25 of 37 at the Fens. We better win 18 of those 25. Yankees lurk everywhere. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!
P.S. Saw the new pic Jere..Thought you were older. When does school start?? Have a great weekend. Stones part deux tonight. Wish it was Bruce.

i need a haircut... could you please tell me where I can find your barber?
It's Kentucky Waterfall's.

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