Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dieter's Dream

My fantasy is for a major league baseball game to be played, preferably at Fenway Park, where no fans show up except for me. I would sit wherever I want, and run and get every foul ball. I know I could walk, but I'd need to run so I wouldn't lose track of a ball, like, if there were a bunch of foul balls in a row. Also, Lansdowne Street would be closed off during the game, and I'd also be allowed to go out there to get a home run ball and then come back in.

This would be what I'd have requested from Make-A-Wish if I'd had cancer, but it wasn't to be. Life is so unfair.

Note: This is the opposite of my anti-fantasy of going to school one day only to find out that every other kid stayed home sick, and it's just me and the teacher in each class.

yankees are about to lose. And it's over. If we can break this tie with the Royals we'll be all set. (Getting a hit with the bases loaded would be a key to winning.)

Too many LOB's last night. Bases loaded, oh, no big deal. We'll find a way to win. Clutchless last night.

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