Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Didn't Have To Use My AK

Shilling was shitty again tonight. But, again, it was only for a little while. Like Chan says, he needs to get his shittiness out of the way now. And even though Chan fancies himself a yankee fan, he's right. And the bullpen did well tonight.

It was good to see us comeback when we should have. By the bottom of the ninth, you knew we'd pull it out. Thanks to, the game ended for me right during the Damon fly out to right. The last thing I saw was Ortiz just starting to hold up at third. After a short scramble to try to get the feed back, I just ran over to the radio, which picks up 1080 Hartford fairly well sometimes. As I ran over there, the phone rang, which means that someone I know is calling me to tell me the good news that I don't know about yet, because my feed is way behind real time, or, in this case, not working at all.

Right before I picked up the phone, I heard a real-time Castiglione saying the final score, seemingly well after the final play took place. It was my mom on the line, and she got to describe the game-winning hit to me, as I sulked about missing the end of an awesome win. She told me there was lots of hugging. Again, I blame Steinbrenner, for making me miss the end of this game. Maybe I should just get the Extra Innings plan. I don't know if you can at this point in the season.

On the wrong side of the tracks, the Bellhornified yanks lost, with Chacon finally getting his ass whooped. And Bells was a Horny 0 for 4. His hair didn't get that much shorter. He and Giambi are trying to fool Big Brother by keeping their hair long in the front, and just pushing it back. Maybe George finally is starting to realize that it's not Johnny Unitas haircuts that win you championships, and has loosened up his rules a little. But I'd bet he hasn't.

I think today is the day that everything started to go the way it should go. yankees: playing crappily, no pitching, lose. Red Sox: coming back, beating who they should beat. I think, actually, this trend starts September 1st, and goes right up through the first weekend of October, when we play a meaningless series with the yanks, where we, the fans, get a last chance to say good-bye to those bastards until next season. But toinight was a good preview of the final Fenway-centric month.

After the media told me yesterday that the lead in the AL East "seems to get smaller every day," like, as if I was scared, or feeling pressure, or something, the lead's right back up to 3 in the loss column, and they're the ones on the west coast for the week. I still say we're gold.


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