Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Devil Is Six

The run totals for the Devil, yes, the Devil Rays in their last three games: 6/6/6.

All against the Sox. Tonight, it was another blown lead by the Satanic ones. This time it was by Miss January of the '04 Red Sox calendar, Casey Fossum. (On the one I had, anyway.)

If this "Millar being good and hitting home runs" thing continues, for whatever reason, it certainly adds a new dimension to our lineup. New, yet old.

Wake did great except for the one bad stretch, and did a great job keeping us in it the rest of the way. Why'd he even leave the game anyway? Now that I think about it, I didn't see any of the D-Rays' runs except the one in the ninth, due to's buffering issues. But other than that, it wasn't too bad tonight. The only thing that got me was the Hell No Network telling me, on the yankees' pre-game show, that our game was a final, when, on my computer screen, the Sox were still an out away from winning. Oh well. I knew we were going to win anyway.

Ramiro Mendoza to go back to the yanks, per Kay. So that'll make three yankees with Red Sox World Series rings.

Kay, earlier tonight: "Nice play by A-Rod, puttin' on a clinic at third!" He said this before A-Rod threw to first. The throw was off line, and the guy was safe. I love gigantic Kay mistakes like that. Like the time he announced an out on a pop-up that was still in the air, and then the yankee fielder dropped it. And it looks like we're stuck with Dave Justice for this entire road trip. I feel like he's more annoying than Kay, if you can believe that. There's this feeling I get from Kay, like he just can't work with Justice, because he's either so far off with his comments, or just talks about something endlessly.

The 19-year old didn't do half bad for the M's tonight, but unfortunately Randy was on for a change, so we stay 2 1/2 games up. With 31 to play.

Lampy looked more like a little monkey with a lampshade tonight:Which fits the Pixies theme of this post.

Also, I take back what I said before. Kay is way more annoying.

That was NOT Mendoza who spent 2 years with our Sox. It was an evil, non-living clone built by Steinbrenner's shipbuilders programmed with a mission to self destruct when pitching from any type of mound. Watch what happens now that the living breathing Mendoza has been released from his undersea cage in the Gulf of Mexico. Oh the humanity!
That was my comment. For some reason there is no place to type in an identity some of the time. peter*
Kay & Justice: Graduates of The Tim McCarver School of Broadcast Obfustacology!

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