Thursday, August 04, 2005

Day Baseball

A sweep of the homestand. Clement's back and not at all flinchy. The poor Royals, walking all those hitters. If they didn't do that, they would've won. Petagine left a bunch of runners on, and grounded into a then-key double play on a 2-0 pitch after the pitcher had thrown ten straight balls. Can't be doin' that. But he'll be okay. Jose Cruz, Jr. doesn't look so good in right field. 5 games up at the moment.

I've got to get dressed up now to go see Mike Myers on a taping of "Comedy Talk with David Steinberg." But not only is it a casual-clothes-free zone, but they specifically ask that you wear "hip" clothing. Dear god. I'll try my best. I guess.

& in other Baseball News, Leonard Arthur(Lee)Mazzilli, was canned by the Orioles, today.

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