Tuesday, August 02, 2005

California Penal

Six wins in a row. Pressure-free win for me tonight, as I missed almost the whole game. Chan & I went to a sneak preview of the new Bill Murray movie, Broken Flowers. It was really different and interesting. USA Today readers will definitely not "get it." If there's anything to get at all. I recommend it. If you like Murray, you should like it. And if you like the Lost In Translation-era Murray, you'll love this one.

On our way home, we walked past a bar called Stout, which had the Sox on a HUGE screen. They had the yanks, too, but the Red Sox game seemed like the centerpiece. It's on 34th Street. Or 33rd. And I couldn't tell you which avenue, but toward the middle. Somewhere between Madison (Square Garden) and Madison (Avenue).

I saw that it was 6-5 us, and that the yanks were down 6-1, and then we kept walking. When we got home, I found out the Sox had won. No surprise there. We did get to see that big, sweaty, ex-yank Wickman nearly blow a save to the yanks, but fortunately he got the job done. Weird to watch Jacobs Field on TV now that I've been there. And you know how much I love it when Jeter ends a game. The good way. Good for us, that is. Michael Kay pointed out--during Jeter's game-ending ground out--that Derek "is hustling up the line." Well, I'm sure he'll sleep well tonight knowing that he did. And that his team is 3 1/2 out.

Palmeiro was just called a "lying skunk" by Dave Letterman. Heh heh.

Major League is on HBO right now. Nice.

Stout is 133 W33rd, between 6th and 7th Aves.
that's an interesting title, jere.
Final score was 6-4. I just don't want those Royals with Cheese getting the the undeserved credit of an additional run.

I'm glad that fatty Wickman didn't blow it, too.
From Remy's article on Gammons:

"We had a meeting with (former owner) Haywood Sullivan and (former team president) John Harrington and my agent, Jerry Kapstein. Within five minutes after the meeting, Peter called me. He knew everything that had gone on. He was on top of all that stuff -- I was just one, small example."

Remy's agent was Fake Drinkwater!
you know, I think there must be enormous interest in Drinkwater... and fake drinkwater, and our past confusion of such things.

I say this because I get hits on that post almost every day. They almost always come from jere's last drinkwater post, the one linked to my pic of jere & kapstein with his man-purse. These hits come from all over the country. why are people so interested?
Good call on Stout, Phil. Hey, Phil, how's Pat McGovern? If you don't know who that it, well, as Bill Murray once said, I'm "askin' the wrong Phil!"

Reb Dog--"California penal" is a line from Major League. And it's "penal," not "penile." TJ.

WCSG: Must have been 5-4 when I glanced at game. I knew we were up one and a five was involved.

Andrew- Wow, RemDawg sipped from the drink that spilleth over with water.

Drinkw-- I mean Kapstein is quite popular. Some say the Jerry Maguire character was based on him. [Where "some" equals "my dad"] Liscence to Deal by Jerry Crasnick also talks about how Jerry Kapstein and others influenced today's agents. But Drinkwater, the owner of Giant Glass, must also be pretty popular. I do get a lot of hits from people searching Drinkwater. And Kapstein.
Aye, you're asking the wrong phil.

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