Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bugger Off, You Bloody Sod

No, this isn't a post about Michael Kay or BostonDirtDogs.

It's about this, from an email I just got from the Red Sox:

"As a member of Red Sox Nation, you'll soon have the exclusive chance to own a piece of Fenway's 2004 Championship Sod."

This will be my first time buying grass.

As a member of the Red Sox Nation club ( we all are members of RSN without having to pay for it) , don't you think it's a blatent rip-off by ownership to glean more moolah from the fans. Are the benefits that good, and the piece of plastic they give you is good for what? I'm curious what you think.
Peter - it drives me nuts, which is why I'm not an 'official' member or whatever. That and the being broke thing.

Whatever, I grew up on the Fenway that had holes in the grass where th outfielders stood because upkeep was so poor and the owners didn't give a shit, and my favorite ballplayer at the time was Tom Bolton, and I can tell you how many seats aay from my normal spot I am just by looking at the perspective of the field. I don't need the damned card.
But then you were asking jere.
And I think of Tom Bolton every time I pass the sign on 84 for "Vernon/Bolton/Tunnel" and I know he's from South Carolina. But I got the card to get a chance to get to, like, get extra Red Sox stuff.

I don't think anyone got it because they really thought it made them an official fan.

(Or was that some other guy that was from SC?...)
If it gives you a discount for services that help you see and hear the games (since you're in NESN-less land) , than I'm happy you did it. I would do the same thing for that reason too. Nice w/e and 2 of 3 from the Chisox would be nice.

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