Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Weird Things About Life

I have hundreds of T-shirts. Many don't fit, and plenty of others haven't been worn in years. But I can't let go of them. At one point I went through and videotaped a whole stack of them. The plan was to get rid of them once I got a shot of each one. And I still don't remember actually getting rid of those.

I'm finally trying to part with a lot of junk I don't really need, now that I live in New York City and space is limited. (Although I've filled my parents' attic to just about capacity.) The other day, I went through a huge box of shirts, and decided to part with a good chunk of them.

Yesterday, I walked to the thrift store (a block and a half away) to donate my shirts. There was a hand-written sign on the door that said that donation hours ended at 3 PM. I looked at my watch: 3:44. So I headed home, planning on coming back the next day before three.

Today was that next day. I walked over with my big garbage bag o' tees at around noon. I looked on the door again, just to make sure I was within the special donation window of time. There was a new sign. This one was made up nice with a computer and printed out in full color. It listed each day's donation times, which were all identical except for Saturday's. The *new* weekday donation ending time? 4 PM.

This really struck me as a weird, cosmic moment. Had I gone yesterday at the time I went today, I could've given them the bag then. And had I gone today at the time I went yesterday, I still could've given them the bag. And in either case, that would've been only one trip to the thrift store. Also in either case, I wouldn't have ever known about the sign and time changes. What are the odds that my two lifetime trips to this store occur on back-to-back days, which happen to be the last day of the 3:00 regime and the first day of the 4:00?

Anyway, I handed in my bag and left.

Step Two is watching for my old shirts to appear on the bums of my neighborhood.

It's posts like these that make me realize just how much is missing out by not putting me on their Feedster. Maybe if I put more pictures of black guys getting kicked by white racists I can get back on there.


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