Monday, July 25, 2005

We Make Holes In Teeth

Plaque indicating Lou Gehrig's birthplace, from my window.

Closeup of plaque.

Too bad it's not Ted Williams' birthplace. But still. Click to enlarge, yo.

I have to say, Lou Gehrig was that rarest of players: a Yankee who you can have complete, unreserved admiration for. Think about it; can you say that about any other Yankee of note? Maybe, just maybe Matsui on the current team. Even a guy like Bernie Williams who generally seems like a decent sort made that smirking little crack after the 1999 ALCS about how Yogi told him "Don't worry those guys (the Sox) can never beat us!" which eliminated him from consideration. As an aside, I remember that last fall some NYC-area charity sold an opportunity to watch the World Series with Yogi at his museum for like $300 or something. I almost did it just so I could sit there with the Sox in the Series on the TV and taunt Yogi about that crack.

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