Friday, July 29, 2005


After watching the Twins play like a bunch of Little Leaguers for three days against the yanks, I was psyched that they were headed into Fenway. Yet for some reason, they came out flashin' the leather. But it was only a matter of time before they reverted back to their Twinian ways. That Johnny Damon "home run" was classic.

And on the Ortiz ball, did anyone else notice that there needs to be another vertical yellow line out on that screen-fence that starts in play and then goes behind the other fence?

So is Olerud a "real Red Sox" now? (barf in mouth) (at the phrase, not Olerud)

What's with the UPC code-style grass mowing at Fenway now? I never would have thought to do to a "thick rule/thin rule" pattern, but I guess that's why someone else gets paid for that.

Drinkwater was flanked by old ladies tonight. And Springer, aka the Real Drinkwater, got up and left at the start of the ninth, and some kid with a sideways hat took his place.

I guess the people who were influenced to boo by various media sources were out there for Manny tonight. A liiiitle bit. But again, just watch the team on the field and in the dugout, and there's nothing to worry about. Everything's overblown as usual.

I'm going up to Fenway tomorrow. I'll be in really sweet field box seats by third base, thanks to my RSN membership deal. I'll bring a digital camera, but no video, since I have to be looking out for foul balls.

Note from yesterday's yankee game: There was a play where Bernie trapped a ball in the outfield, but the ump made the out call. I could tell on the original shot that it wasn't a catch. On the replay, Kaat and O'Neill agreed that it was a definite trap. Ball bounces off grass, into glove. Michael Kay, however, insisted that the ball bounced "on the webbing." The other guys called him crazy, and when they brought it up later, Kay still didn't give in. At that point, I think he was just trying to be a dick about it. Anyway, later, I had the post-game on, and just to rub it in my face, they called that play the Fidelity Investment Bankers And Such Dot Org Defensive Play of the Game. Come on.

And in today's yankee news, they lost with the Spruce Moose (model??). We're up 2 1/2 again. Good luck, yanks, with the rest of that staff: Randy, [mystery pitcher], [who?], and [whatchoo talkin' bout, Mrs. Adelaide?]

Did you know only three other teams besides the Red Sox have a winning record both on the road and at home? Yes? Oh. Well, give yourself an anti-terrible job medal.

Dude, I shall be at the game tomorrow as well. If David Wells fucks up I'll scream 'terrible job!' at him in solidarity or something.
I felt bad for Torii Hunter. He's a good guy who played in New Britain CT. for a couple years and was and is fun to watch. Then again, if he had caught the ball(one foot higher and a 4 bagger), never mind!
And these Manny trade rumours--we're NOT getting enough with Huff and Cameron to give up 4 guys. That's BS and if it happens I'll be pissed....GO SOX. Good weekend to all.
But of those four teams, the Red Sox have the worst record. :-(

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