Sunday, July 03, 2005

Teaser: Tito Tossed

Tonight I was at Fenway, with, in alphabetical order by middle name, Pat, Kim*, and Reb.*

It's late, so here's a teaser pic, with corresponding lead-up story:

I find the best way to get pics at an event is to bring my video camera. That way I can find the exact moment I want, and pause it there. Then I post the perfect, unblurred still frame. But sometimes, like tonight, I just bring a digital camera. My mom's digital camera. Borrowing your mom's digital camera--that's kind of like playing your grandpa's Playstation 2. But, hey, she's got one, and she lets me borrow it, so...anyway, this camera, like every other one, it seems, is pretty lame in that when you snap a picture, it waits almost a full second before it actually captures an image. So you look at the screen, see the bear eating the boy scout, snap a picture, and all you end up with is a shot of the bear wiping its mouth.

During the game, Kim clued me in on a secret called "Hold the button down halfway, and at the moment you want to take a picture, press it down all the way." Within moments of her telling me this precious info, Tito started arguing with an umpire. Since Wells had been ejected earlier, I had a feeling Tito was gonna go, too. I thought, What a great opportunity to get a shot of a manager being ejected. So I quickly got my camera into "Kim mode": button halfway down. The ump started to wind up for the heave-ho, and I pressed down hard. Here's what I got:

A little blurry. But all things considered, I like the shot. You can see the ump's hook in the air, and his legs in toss-out position. The blurriness just, uh, adds to the chaos of the moment.

More on the game, and more pics tomorrow.

*Don't know their middle name, defaulted to first name.

middle name jean.
you crazy.

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