Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Summary Of Events

Good job getting 2 out of 3 considering the circumstances. Still rough watching Schilling on that last batter, what with his "I refuse to waste a pitch on 0-2" attitude. He actually was kind of throwing waste pitches, which Crawford was fouling off. But I'm still sitting here saying, "Now throw one WAY outside." He never did throw a ball to that batter, and the ground out to first could have been a single, and I would have been really mad. We have to teach the old dog this very old trick.

As I was about to say, "Hopefully Santana can help us out tonight," I watched as Jacque Jones dove into first after hitting a slow grounder, which, as we know, slows a person down. And it was with the bases loaded and two outs in the first. And Jeter made the play, so if the sound was on, I'm sure I would have heard what a great play it was, even though if a-hole runs through first, it's a base hit and a one-nothing lead for Minny. And I'm really glad I didn't have the sound on earlier, when Jeter threw to THIRD for a force. Only a GOD would have the instincts, guts, talent, class, and the ubiquitous intangibles to make such a play.

There's nothing I hate more in life* than watching crappy teams do the yankees favors. Twins, I'm looking in your direction...

So a little more on Manny. I think that regardless of how I feel about him not playing today, this just goes to prove my theory that you should never give these guys a day off. There are days off built in to the schedule. A catcher who's getting old or a guy who can barely move due to injury would be exceptions. But for the most part, I say never give a guy a day off just for the hell of it. And look how you get screwed when you tell a guy he's going to get a day off.

And if your answer to that is "They have their reasons to give people days off," well, I'm sure Manny had his reasons today, too. Maybe he needs to prepare, a certain way, and once he was told it was his day off, maybe there was just no way he was going to be able to play. It's like when I was little, and my mom would say, "You have a dentist's appointment next week." And I'd say "No fair, I need more warning than that!" But me and Manny are little kids like that, I guess. Not to say that going to the dentist is the equivolent of playing for the Red Sox. Because if it were me, I'd be out there. But I say that now. Who knows what I'd feel if that were my actual job. And I've never had a job where millions of people scrutinized my every move. So I don't know.

Just watched some Twins dude lolly-effing-gag it to first on a ball that took a bad hop off the wall. So he's on second instead of third. What did I just say, Twins? Jesus.

But back to Manny. I still say all this can be blamed on the fact that they gave Manny a day off in the first place. He has one tomorrow. I don't understand.

Again, bases loaded, two outs for the Twins. How about at least a run, Twins. Nope. Slow grounder that the minor league fuckface on the Twins couldn't beat out despite A-Rod having to dance around the runner just to get to. I really should turn this game off before I have a stroke...or heart attack. Sorry, an anti-smoking commercial came on just as I was finishing that sentence, and I just kind of wrote what I heard. God, I hate the yankees.

*except for a bunch of other stuff

An actual quote from Manny minutes before last night's victory for the Sox......"Wah wah wah wah wah. And wah."
Too bad you can't tune in with the Boston media over all this Manny hoopla. D + C can't wait to offload him and the callers are setting up possible trading deals left and right. "Let's give him to Cinncinati for Griffin Jr.!" "Let's throw Manny and Bronson in together for Beltran and (someone I forgot)!" It's totally out of control.

This is just Manny doing his post all-star break routine. It won't last. In a week, Damon will probably open his mouth and say something jackassy and the Manny thing will be yesterday's news.

Maybe Tito should just bench him for a game or 2. Wasn't this done last year? It's really too bad about the infantile factor in all this.
Uh...Griffey. Damn, I've been distracted lately.

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