Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Starry, starry, starry

I really liked that moment, while the starting lineups were being announced, when the only five people on the third base line were Tito, Johnny, Ortiz, Manny, and, in the middle, comically outnumbered, A-Rod. And is it some kind of yankee tradition to wear outrageous white cleats at the All-Star Game?

So Chan and I had fun, watching the usual All-Star Game activities. You know, watching the white guys put their hats back on front-to-back and the black guys put them on back-to-front after doffing them to the crowd during the intros. And, of course, seeing our guys kick the butts of that bunting, stealing, double-switching, pitcher-batting league.

The British national anthem thing seemed very contrived to me. And did they not even play Canada's anthem or did it just not get on TV? It was almost like they replaced Canada's with England's. And if you're gonna play "God Save The Queen," play the Sex Pistols' version. "No future! For the NL!" Heh heh...Eh. Actually, that Bud Selig sure has made me a moron. Sorry, Dave Matthews fans, if I've lost you.

Good job by Matty, David, Johhny, Tek. Fairly terrible job by Manny. But I'm glad he's savin' it for this weekend.

Moving on, I recommend watching the rerun of last night's Daily Show on Comedy Central tonight at 8. There's a really funny wrap-up of the whole Karl Rove thing at the beginning.

How long has the Newport Folk Festival been called "Dunkin Donuts Newport FolkFest"? What the shit? Does that seem weird to anyone else? Is "Starbucks presents Crimethinc" far behind?

And here's a good article about Drinkwa-- I mean Jeremy Kapstein. I'm strting to realize that I have heard of this guy. He used to be Jerry Kapstein, superagent. The weird thing is, the day I found out that the man behind home plate was called Jeremy Kapstein, I was at my parents' house, and my dad heard it and said, "Oh, yeah, Jerry Kapstein, sure, [my dad's best friend's name here] knows him very well." And I was like, "What, you know Drinkwater??" But since my dad said Jerry Kapstein instead of Jeremy Kapstein, I figured he had the wrong guy. So, the point is, I may have a connection to the man formerly known as Drinkwater, and maybe I can have my dad pull some strings and get us into those seats. I'll keep you updated. (Oh, and Pat, you know the guy, my dad's Kapstein-knowin' friend. It's the guy that used to call my house and say his name verrrrry slowwwwly.)


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