Friday, July 22, 2005

So Proud Of Myself

Thanks to all the wacky wordplay going on in the comments at Empyreal Environs, I've been inspired to come up with the newest trend in boredom.

I call it "Going to people's blogs and leaving a comment in the form of an anagram of the name of that blog." Or "Ana-spamming." Or "Spam-a-gramming."

I don't know, I'll let CNN name it in a few months. But for now, go crazy everybody. And if you have a blog, check your comments, you may already have been Anagraspammified.

Sox Fan/Pinstripe Territory:

(NYU) Fraternities pity poor R. Sox (but are both stupid and wron for doing so).
Wait that doesn't work. Dammit, and it was all awesome.

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