Saturday, July 02, 2005

Randy Stinks And I Love It

I had a lot of fun watching the yanks tonight. Way too much fun for our usual Lily performance to dampen things. Our loss also led to the Jays going up a game on the yanks for third. No worries here.

You should have heard Michael Kay's intro tonight. It was all about how these glittering stars on the yanks must start to shine. And how Randy needs to put together a hot streak. Seven runs, nine hits, and two homers later, Randy was done for the evening. He was getting hit hard. It was neverending fun.

I'm really glad I didn't see that debacle at Fenway, though. Tomorrow I'll be up there, though. The chances of two really bad losses in a row are remote, so I should be in good shape. I will be digital camera-ing for everyone's enjoyment.

And thanks, Sam, for making your team show up against the yanks, instead of playing like minor-leaguers, as is often the case when any team but the Red Sox plays the yanks. But after the yanks' performances against the Royals and Rays this year, I think a lot of teams are becoming less intimidated.

Ah, that was DELIGHTFUL. And right after I posted in the Tigers blog about how exciting the Tigers were these days, too.

You're quite welcome.

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