Friday, July 01, 2005

Quick Kay Prediction Update

As you may remember, Michael Kay said, before the season, that the yanks would win 108 games. (He also said 7 guys would have to get injured for the yanks to not win the AL East.)

With a 39-38 record, the yanks would have to go 69-16 the rest of the way to reach Kay's 108 mark. That's .812 baseball. Could happen, Kay. It really, really could. Or was he talking about 2005 AND 2006?

Oh, speaking of "Coulda Shoulda Woulda, If If If" (the new yankee motto): Last night while we listened to Mike and the Mad Dog interview A-Rod live, Mike bragged to A-Rod about how he *almost* made what *would have been* the greatest double play of all time. It's amazing how much these words are coming up this seaon. Hey, didn't the yanks *almost* sweep the Red Sox in the ALCS last year?

And while I'm talking about that, surely you've heard the rumors of "certain" Red Sox players congratulating the yanks after it was 3-0. Well, to that I say... It worked, didn't it?

I've been listening to a lot of radio baseball on the way home from work lately, both the Red Sox and Yankee broadcasts. You know what, I can't tell which is worse, to be honest. I hate Castiglione's voice. I hate, hate, hate it. It's like he's trying to snap off every word at its maximum enunciated value -- like it would be a sin to sacrifice a word of your call for the sake of being true to the tempo of the game. Or in other words, as if his call were more important to the game itself. Fuck you, announcer man, just tell me what happened.

And to make it worse, he spends most of his broadcast droning along in a dull monotone, and then when something happens he emphasizes all the wrong moments. "SwinG AND A HARD GROUND BALL ... to second base, fielded by Cano, and the Red Sox lose for the 10th straight time."

On the flip side, Jon Sterling is an arrogant bastard, and his voice ain't much better. Could the MFY's have found a voice more expressive of their contemptible sense of Yankee superiority? I doubt it. And Suzyn Waldmyn always sounds like she's fighting for airtime, like she thinks Sterling needs to talk less so she can talk more.

Radio baseball sux.
Sam, for your comments on Joe Castiglione, you're banned from this blog. You, and your children, and your children' children... for three months!

Seriously, though, your criticism sounds just like the way one might criticize Trupiano (which I've been meaning to do lately). Are you sure you aren't confusing the two or something?

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