Friday, July 01, 2005

Pie, Lie, Cry

I just walked less than a block to get a slice of pizza, and in that time I saw a guy with a Red Sox/Manny 24 hat, and a woman with a red Manny player tee. So that's 3 Sox fans compared to the one yankee hat I saw. Nice. Manhattan is Red Sox Island.

Looks like I was right for once, in this case about the yanks LYING and saying the Mets came up with the Sheffield trade idea, and they declined it. It's so obvious they're trying to get rid of him, or at least show that anybody's tradeable. Cashman was on Mike & the Mad Dog a few hours ago, and wouldn't say anything about it.

I also heard Bob Costas on there just now, and he, being a Cardinals fan, was talking about how the Cards were the best team last year, except for October, and that those four WS games were the worst they'd played all year, and they just happened to come at the worst possible time, and bla bla bla. No credit given to the two Hall of Fame pitchers they had to face (along with seeing a knuckleball, and Lowe), or the incredible lineup their pitchers went up against. Terrible job, Mr. Baseball.


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