Tuesday, July 19, 2005


There was one bright spot tonight. The yanks were up two on the Rangers in the sixth, with two on and two out. Some Ranger hits a pop up into shallow left. Michael Kay says "And he'll get out of the inning." Now, it's not like I need any extra motivation to root for the ball to drop. Besides, I'm the type to root for an error by the team I'm rooting against on the easiest of chances, right up until the last possible second. I never give up on a play. But after Kay deemed this play over, I was praying to gods to be named later with all my might that the yanks would somehow botch this simple fly ball. And Bernie comes racing over, while both he and that Little League outfielder Matsui are calling for it, and has the ball hit off his glove and fall to the grass. The tying run came around from first. And even though the Rangers eventually took the lead, they still blew the game, with Kay doing the same "prediction"-style call on the last out of the game, and basically acting like everything is fine with the yanks after this game where they gave up ten runs.

Remember, the more the yankee fans *think* they are gold, the better it will be when they fail to reach their goal for the fifth consecutive year. We all know how fun that is.

My parents were at the game tonight in my 10-game plan seats. My plan of them getting to see the Sox and be the first to cheer them after a nice series against the yanks and then see a blowout win over the D-Rays went terribly awry.

It's been a rough week.

Time for Theo to make a crack deal.

All the Casual Fans, are parading around in Yankee caps, again.

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