Monday, July 11, 2005

Orange Derby

I'm still confused as to why that Angels fan with the foam finger gets so pissed when he sees Cal Ripken at the airport.

I'm watching the Home Run Derby, a contest where you could hit a hundred home runs in the first round, but lose 3-2 to someone else in the final round, and lose. The boy warrior, Bobby Abreu, hit 22 in the first round. Maybe if he loses after that display, they'll change the rules. Of course, Papi could still out-dong him.

We'll keep it right here until Ortiz hits in Round 1.

Wow, never even really got into a groove, but still got 17.

Varitek, when asked if he remembers Ortiz as a Twin: "He wasn't this."

I liked how after David was told by Tejada "No mas," because he'd already qualified for Round 2, he said "Let me hit a couple more out," and proceeded to do just that.

At the conclusion of Ortiz' round, Manny led the rest of the Dominicans in a jump-a-thon. It was weird seeing A-Rod waving the Dominican flag while Papi was hitting.

Round 2: Abreu's got nothin.' Look for baseball's most lovable player to run away with this thing.

Well, turns out the bs rules have screwed David instead of Abreu. Oh well. At least we got to see his father and his daughter. But overall, I bleum Sveum.

They should have just gotten Embree up there. I'm sure Ortiz would have jacked a lot more pitches, then.

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