Wednesday, July 20, 2005

No Worries

The yanks are sending Aaron Small out to the hill tonight. This guy has appeared in eight games over the last six and a half years. The yanks are in serious trouble. It's all about pitching, and they don't have much of it in general, let alone any kind of higher-quality, dependable arms. Leiter did a good job against us, but I don't see that continuing. Kevin Brown was back the other night, giving up run after run. Moose does well sometimes, but in that sweet win by Texas last night, after Moose came out, they had nothing left. Gordon needed yet another day off, and apparently so did Mo.

Seriously, the yankee people are back to this theory about how "it's a seven inning game," because of Gordon and Rivera. (They've conveniently forgot about last year's "six-inning game" plan, now that they've been forced to trade Quantrill away.) So last night, Mussina actually gives them six good innings, and who comes in the game? Felix Rodriguez, Wayne Franklin, and the Assman, Scott Proctor. Are they gonna win with that? Million-to-one shot, doc. (Franklin's blown three saves this five appearances.)

And that's when their starter does give them quality innings, but with their Small Brown Unit rotation, they're not gonna get that every night. Am I Wang, or am I Wright?

I was talking to the Good Witch of the Nor'East, and we were saying how the yanks' three out of four against us was total crap. I didn't come out of that series that they were a better team than we are.

As long as we do what we should do, like today's outburst over the School for the Blind and Deaf, we should be gold.

Witchy and I were also talking about nicknames for Tony Graffanino. She's got a great one, which I'll let her disclose, but I was thinking Spiro Graph-anino. Which made me think of Spiro T. Agnew. So that makes him Spiro T. Graffanino. Maybe. I just don't wanna hear anyone say "Curse of the Graffanino." Starting now. He wears Gedman's 10, which he'll have to earn in my mind.

Wow, the Twins just beat the O's on a walkoff homer. I can go either way on the O's. If they win, they keep pressure on the yanks, and I still feel comfortable because I know they're going nowhere in the long run. If they lose, we gain, obviously. So we're up 2 on them since we...

...holding for end of game...

(Halama just gave up a two-run homer, 9-4, terrible job)

...beat the Rays.

Oh my lord, I just heard the Gulden's commercial with Castiglione, Trupiano, Sterling, and Wadman. Need I say "terrible job"?

Having a good night?? Enjoy the season....(lol) You r too ignorant about baseball and it shows....
I am enjoying the season, what with my World Champion team in first place and all... you r too terrible jobby and it shows (dot dot dot to imply "think about that. you just might learn something about yourself." oooooh.)

-Not anonymous
Please tell me that you made that 1st comment up. It's too horrible to be real, but also not uncharacteristic of a NYY fan.

"Janeane Garofalo" is my nickname for Tony, but I also like "Giraffe."

"Am I Wang, or am I Wright?" This is a brilliant sentence.

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