Sunday, July 03, 2005

Mystery Solved

Well, the "Sippy-cup" nickname for the former Drinkwater may not last, as Remy and Orsillo solved the mystery today.

They started talking about how it's some dude's birthday. A dude whose face is pretty well-known from him sitting behind the plate. I knew then that the mystery was about to be solved. "Happy birthday to Jeremy Kapstein, Senior Advisor/Baseball Projects," they said, as the face of the man I used to call Drinkwater was shown on the screen.

Jeremy Kapstein.

Thanks for playing, everyone.

See comment in the post below this.

It was pretty weird. I can't believe how excited I got when they showed a picture of this guy Remy and Orsillo were talking about. (which is kind of bizarre actually. Maybe I should up my meds).

I knew it was your guy as soon as they showed him. I ran right over here to post.

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