Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Problems

This is weird.

My next two posts were going to be about defending Nomar and his little day off last year, since Rebeca asked about that in the comments, and defending Manny in general. And then today, there's this situation where Manny takes a day off on a day when he's really needed. (Although, hey, if your boss gave you a day off, and then called you up and said she's changed her mind, you'd probably tell her where she can stick it, emergency or not.)

Anyway, I don't know what to do now. But I'm pretty sure I can still life a long and fruitful life despite this dilemma.

3-1 us in the sixth. I'm not going to say "looking good" because the last time I did that (yesterday), all hell broke loose within seconds.

Note: I have used the "female-as-default-gender" in this post. This may have caused confusion, unless you are reading this in a female-dominated society. Also, my bosses have almost always been female.

Also, yanks signed Hideo Nomo.

And here's something I never knew. The name of Johnny Damon's high school is "Dr. Phillips High School." Which is only funny to people who know a friend of mine who's been known to go by the alias of "Dr. Phillips." Next thing you know, the Red Sox will sign Clark Westfield.


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