Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More Fun Than A Seventies All-Star Game

On Sunday, Witch City Sox Girl stopped by my place here in NYC on her way home from the Red Sox game in Baltimore. After braving the horrendous traffic to stop by on her way down to Baltimore, I was happy to have her back again so we could have more than just two hours to hang out. Turns out we got about 30. Vehicular malfunctions led to what would become WitchCitySoxGirlFest '84.

Chan and I had to come up with a bed for her, and even some clothes, which we did successfully, without much notice and without even having to resort to my suggestion of tying a bunch of T-shirts together to make a skirt.

So we got to hang out all day Monday while her car was getting looked at. And when I say "looked at," I mean the mechanics probably just sat there staring at it, because they certainly didn't do any work. As of Monday night, there was still no diagnosis and she had to take the train back to Boston, as to not miss a second day of work.

All that car stuff aside, we had lots of fun. She got to see my five favorite parks, Washington Square, Tompkins Square, Union Square, Carl Schur, and Central. In Central Park, we played catch. And she suggested it. How cool is that? Asking me if I want to have a catch is like asking the Broseph if he's ever smoked weed.

I read other blogs, so I know that right about here, you've just about completely lost interest in my fun weekend. So I'll just say that the rest of it involved twin midgets, Placido Domingo, a mermaid, Dio, curry supreme, lots of Gene Simmons, a keyboard that played, crappily, all night long, and plenty of other things you wouldn't, couldn't, and shouldn't understand, Dottie.

The other night, Chan and I saw the coolest sunset, as the sunlight was coming right down 34th Street, allowing us to walk on the heads of people who were fifty feet in front of us. The shadows of their heads, that is. Chan found this link about it. Turns out it's a phenomenon that people actually know about. So if you're in NYC today, or in the next week, get to a street that has has nothing but sky to the west around sunset. It was really cool when we saw it, and that was three days off from the exact day, which is today.

Did you hear about this ridiculousness? Nike blatantly ripped off the famous (to me) image used by the band Minor Threat, to advertise their skate tour called "Major Threat." Minor Threat was Ian MacKaye's band back in the early 80s, before Embrace and Fugazi. MacKaye is one of my absolute favorite people in life, not only for the great music he's been making for a quarter-century, but for his anti-corporate, anti-drug, anti-alcohol stance. The image, which is a picture of his brother, is, ironically, the "Nike-swoosh" of hardcore music to a lot of people. For Nike to just copy it is unacceptable. I really hope that Dischord, the label who owns that image (and which was started by, and is run by MacKaye himself) can do something to stop them from using it. Thanks to Kieran Chapman's blog for that news. Link to that site is to the right.

I realized that this is my first All-Star break of blogging, since last year I was in Seattle over the break, and didn't get to see the game or the festivities, and didn't write anything either, because I didn't have a computer with me.

Isn't it stupid that the All-Star game counts? It's supposed to be an exhibition. I still can't believe they're tampering with the most important part of baseball, the World Series, by letting the results of an exhibition game determine who gets home field advantage in it. The way this game is set up is such that "trying to score more than the other team" is completely impossible. Shouldn't the managers just keep the starting lineups on the field the whole time if they're really trying to win? How far are they supposed to go to win? I think it ruins the All-Star Game and messes with the World Series unfairly. And it takes all the fun out of the All-Star Game. I want to see Ortiz try to stretch a double into a triple, get thrown out, and then watch as he laughs about it. Or Manny lay down a bunt. Or Varitek pull down NL hitters' pants as the pitch is delivered, while sitting in a lawn chair behind the plate. You know, baseball.

This is why I love the HR Derby so much. It's now officially the only time you can ever really see ballplaers having fun (except for Ivan Rodriguez, who was oddly intense last night). I mean, how much fun was the Venezuelan contingent last night? Or Tejada coming out to wipe Abreu's brow on HR 17 or so? ight be overgrown BP, but at least it can be entertaining.

Oh and yeah, the NY sunset thing is very cool... I remember seeing the same thing last year. It works for various streets at different points during the summer.

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