Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mirabelli And The Lord

I just don't understand batting Doug Mirabelli third under any circumstances. And I absolutley love Doug. When a guy not known for his hitting has a good average against a pitcher, the manager should keep in mind that when this player got these hits, he was batting much lower in the order. And the pitcher may have been letting up when he saw this guy come to the plate, since he finally was getting a break from the fat part of the order. Whatever the reason is that Doug hits well against tonight's pitcher, I don't think it warrants putting him in the lineup, let alone replacing David Ortiz and batting anywhere above seventh in the order. A pitcher sees Ortiz up there, and even if he's gotten him out a hundred times out of a hundred, he's still gonna be more scared than he'd be with Doug up there. Right now, Doug is up. I hope he gets this run in from third, don't get me wrong. Holding...2-1 count, 1 out, fly ball means a run, Doug, BASE HIT. RBI. Great call, Tito. Exactly what I would have done.

I guess my joke about batting Millar leadoff at Coors Field if he did really good in the mountain time zone or something is no longer necessary. But still, Tito, please, witha cherry on top, clean the fuckin' car. And by that I mean no catchers in the three hole unless it's an emergency.

Great play by Janeane Graffanino and Clement earlier. And I'd just like to say that we'd be ten games in first if the umps would simply open their eyes occasionally.

Oh crap, Trot just doubled over in pain. Damn.

And funny I just mentioned the bad umpiring. I just watch three pitches in a row that were either inside or outside, AND almost hit the ground, called strikes. Fortunately, the guy threw one to the backstop after that, making it 5-0 Sox. Looking good so far. Everybody send good thoughts toward Trot, god knows, uh, god is too busy to help him. You know, with all those other athlete's prayers god is tending to. Hey, if all these religious players are so big on god blessing America and whatnot, how is it that they think it's okay to waste god's time asking for home runs? Terrible job, guys.


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