Thursday, July 21, 2005

"Make Them Pay"

Top of the ninth, me and Chan in a Scrabble game, Manny at the plate, tie game. Guy drops pop up, giving Manny another chance. I immediately start chanting "Make them pay!" Since it was Chan's turn, I didn't want to be too distracting, so I covered my mouth, mumbling "Mmk thm pyy!" over and over again (but still loud enough so Chan knew what I was doing.) I did not stop until Manny made them pay. And, while going nuts, Orsillo said the term "made him pay," we made me go even more nuts. And as Manny's about to touch home, I look up at the TV, and Yes is already showing the hilight of the homer, since they're way ahead of my computerized game.

More when this Scrabble game ends, it's my turn.


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